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Pakistan Zindabad!! =D
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Mature content
. :iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 1 0
grief comes easy
i stopped in my tracks the first time i saw you.
it wasn't the cheesy love at first sight things,
it was more of
"Damn, i didn't know people like you still existed."
my mother still cries
all i can do is hug her.
there is an old man in a wheel chair
with a grief-stricken face
he visits visited his wife everyday
never brought flowers,
i always bought two bouquets of roses for his grave.
i never understood what this meant.
i couldn't find my journal so
i wrote this down at the back of my
foreign policy analysis notebook.
Stalin did not come out of his office for 3 days when Hitler betrayed him.
i showed up every day since i lost you.
i don't want anyone to find this
but i swear to God, i need you to read this.
there aren't any right words
or remedies
but fuck
i never thought i'd want to save a stranger so badly.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 6 4
death took its toll on you
there are dark circles under your eyes
concealed by perfectly arched brows
and acne scars that look like freckles.
there is a worry-lines wrinkle on the centre of your
twenty-too-young forehead,
and one just above your dimple.
I guess, all i am saying is,

they were always there.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 5 2
you always did admire
how i used to find the most beautiful
of settings
in the most revolting of places
and then you wonder
how i ever loved you.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 11 0
i have vomited
dreams, hope and love
because they were meant
to be discarded as waste;
the result of bad decisions
and poor judgement.
learn to live as they want you to, little one
you won't find what you're looking for here.
praise the misconceptions as reality
and condemn what you love the most,
baby steps won't take you far,
backflip, blindfolded into
all the things that kept you up at night
watch yourself slip through
scrawny fingers and
cracked skin,
welcome the pain with arms wide open.
home is not where the heart is
but the one bedroom apartment shared with
the boy you once thought you loved
on a cold november night;
a kiss in an alley,
frosty breaths and hypothermic hearts,
mocking smiles on chapped lips.
inhale the morning air
even with the taste of blood,
and get lost in the sound of passing cars
because there are some things,
they never knew you had.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 16 0
The Boy In My head Inspires Me
the fire in your eyes was extinguished
by the ice in your veins
from all the chilly winds
exposed by the cuts and bruises
bone deep
but trivial to you
because you always realized,
the pain you made yourself go through
after you lifted the
weight from your skin,
touching the satin-red marks
with rough fingertips
still oblivious to most of the damage
because no one was there
to point out to you
how deeply you were really suffering.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 5 5
Tragedies are never as beautiful
you were the shipwreck
that was discovered a bit too late to be saved
but still soon enough to
take you out of the cold waters,
to look past the rust and cracks
and savor what was and could have been.
tragedy had knocked on your doors
and taken him away
because he just wanted closure,
for his brother, his family and

you would think time, pain and loss would have hardened him.
he was more good than you remembered.
"Choking down sea water was easier
than to breathe in fresh air",was your reply
when he asked why you were so bitter
even when your breath did not contain the taste of liquor
and your acerbic smile was almost welcoming.
the romantics wanted to
trace constellation across the faded
scars on your back and chest,
if you'd ever let them.
whilst the rest acknowledged them as 'sexy'.
Yet, you, my dear,
would stare in the mirror
until your visions blurred
and in the haziness was when you
finally accepted them
even if it was just fo
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 25 6
If I
let you hold me
While i break down every wall
That actually held you more close to me
Than separated us,
Will it make you feel more of a man?
I can see the cracks hidden underneath your veins,
And the shadows they bring with them.
You were more damage than I could handle
But it didn't stop me.
We both wished it did.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 11 20
lessons I wasn't taught at school
1.I've gotten really good at walking out on people.
2.He was only collateral damage.
3.There is an infinity carved on the tree where your head once used to rest.
4. You smell of apple cyder, musk and her.
5. She created drama when there was none because that is how she liked to be; weak.
6. I've never seen snow.
7. They always misinterpreted your emotions, didn't they?  
8. He never got why she preferred sitting cross-legged on the floor.
9. She knew by memory to the last detail every crease that strained his face.
10. He never really understood her.
11. You're selfish and self-absorbed but that is partially my fault because I gave you even more than I ever thought I had.
12. I wish I knew who I was.
13. Lets try to be optimistic for a change.
14. I can't get your pain and suffering out of my system and God knows how many times I've tried.
15.'Don't you ever leave the house?' The short 82 year old man says.
He has more life at this moment in him than my entire 1
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 40 51
I Wasn't Supposed To Be Worth It.
Was it worth it?
Trading the taste of cinnamon on your lips
To smell like cigarettes and a painful hangover.
Was life so cruel to your perfectly skewed smile,
That you had to swallow a bottle of brandy
Every night at 9 pm
To hear yourself laugh again?
How could I have not noticed
The tremor in your right hand
Every time you held a pen?
Was I so blind for the love you had for me to see
That my love was destroying you?
'I am yours.' You whispered when you still had Petrichor surrounding you.
I inhaled your scent like oxygen,
All the while I suffocated you like sulfur.
You gave me your heart on a plate,
And I was the last pill that took your life away from you too.
Mother always told me I broke the things I had
Because that is how I was;
Selfish and undeserving.
I didn't deserve you.
You weren't supposed to be mine.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 54 37
Light :iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 25 28
"I may not have a family but I do have a boyfriend. If he doesn't hear from me in a few hours, he'll sense something is wrong and he'll come looking for me."
To my dismay, he chuckled. That BASTARD actually chuckled.
"That boy toy of yours? He won't be a problem."
My heart filled with dread at his words. "What do you mean he won't be a problem? WHAT DID YOU DO?"
"You don't have to shout, I can hear you. I also have a very sensitive hearing.'
'Tell me what you did!'
'Not before you apologize.'
My mouth dropped. 'Apologize?'
'Yes, apologize. My head hurts now because of your annoying voice blabbing on and on.'
'You kidnapped me from MY apartment. You are probably a rapist or some psychopath who ran away from an asylum or even a serial killer and you want me to apologize?'
'And you're an annoying bitch.' I stared at him.
'I'm not apologizing.' I said stubbornly.  
'Well, fine. Enjoy the darkness and contemplate on all the horrific things I could of done to your weasel of a boyfriend.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 14 45
Colors :iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 27 3
Maybe, it's okay to not be okay.
Their lungs collapse,
Their hearts in their throat.
Walking along the suffocating crowds,
You hear their voices fade.
How are they supposed to breathe again?
Their laughs come easy.
They’ve learned to deal with it.
But how do you shut out the voices in your head?
It’s not okay. You’re not okay.
Their bright unblinking eyes,
Masking the sorrows behind their smiles.
Even fairy tale characters would be jealous,
Of the strength within those tiny shoulders,
Who carry the pain,
But still keep moving.
And Maybe.
Maybe, sometimes, it’s okay to be not okay.
Maybe It’s okay to break down and cry.
Maybe, you don’t have to be strong all the time.
And maybe, it’ll be alright.
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 19 21
Wonderland :iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 25 13
Because Being Broken Is Easy
It's been six thousand three hundred and fifteen days since I have been here and only approximate three hundred days in my entire life I spent with him. He's always busy. He says he has work to do.
It's been nine hundred and eighty-two days since everything started falling apart.
Six hundred and fifty-seven days since I lasted talked to you. You said it was over and walked away without a reason.  I watched as you walked with such grace, out of my life.
Five hundred and seventy-five days, seven hours, twenty-three minutes and seven seconds since he broke my heart again; make that forty-seconds. I saw him smiling at her. I should be happy for him, right? But why do I feel a pang of jealousy every time I see them? Five hundred and seventy-five days, seven hours, twenty-four minutes and fifty-one seconds and it still hurts. Fifty-seven seconds.
Two hundred and ninety-three days when she stopped talking to me. I loved her like a sister but she left too. People always
:iconslipcast-chrysalism:slipcast-chrysalism 24 29

Random Favourites

Keep your eyes open :iconluciloverock:LuciLoveRock 32 20
My Only Regret
My Only Regret
Of the meagre moments that we've shared
I realise now I should have cared
You bought more happiness to my soul
You gathered up the pieces and made me whole
For I was but a pane of shattered glass
A rusted orb of dirtied brass
But now you're gone
My hearts all torn
My spirit has been lost
Now our paths are no longer crossed
I long to whisper to you how I feel
But now I know my fate is sealed
The one thing I told you that is true
My one regret… is losing you
:iconjezza01:jezza01 11 117
Seasons are changing
And I'm rearranging
I can breathe now
I thought I didn't know how
I've broken the cycle
I'm out of denial
Finally, I'm done with you
Done with you and all that you do
I'm washing my hands
Of the mess you left for me
This is how things were meant to be
And now I can see clearly
This happened for a reason
So I could let go
Bury my sorrows in the winter snow
Even though you'll never know
Now I can heal
I've gotten the feel
That for once I can be
Finally free
:iconsilent-nightlock:silent-nightlock 9 2
cloudscape :iconapofiss:Apofiss 7,747 246 notes to ... :iconedsondiego:edsondiego 103 13 Love at first sight. :iconkyrateppelin:KyraTeppelin 247 42
So strong, yet so weak.
So beautiful, yet so fake
So steady, yet so unstable
It is never the same, it is ever-changing.
Only those that have it can act on it
It forms a bond that is hard to break, but break the weakest part, and you break the other
Only the strongest cannot fall then
So faithful, yet so poisonous
So great, yet so small
So obvious, yet so invisible
It is always there for you, never faltering
Only those with lies can break it
It can be right before you, so big, so warm, but you may never see it
Only those who have seen it aren't oblivious to it
So hard to hate, yet so easy
So easy to form, yet so hard
So warm, yet so cold
It is something you can trust, but you'll need to find it first
Only those searching hard enough, or with luck will find it
It can be hard to shape, yet it can be so easy to shape
Only those trying have a chance? No, we can all do it
Love is complicated, in so many matters, but do not give up
You will see it, in time
Love is easy, difficult, soft, hard
:icondaggy1995:Daggy1995 3 13
For you ... :iconaoao2:aoao2 1,088 49 Lish :iconzombiegirl6:ZombieGirl6 415 181 l'amitie etroite :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 221 15 Absence Of Someone :iconoo-rein-oo:oO-Rein-Oo 781 28 After Glow :iconfahadee:fahadee 84 18 Daisies ... :iconaoao2:aoao2 633 22 Tiles... :iconmaniarapunzel:ManiaRapunzel 7 5
I am insanity
I am the perfect cure
To all this sanity
I am the alter in this false sense of boring reality
So join me friends
Into this wholehearted calamity
I am the chaos in the peace
I am the mind of the war
I am the black sheeps' purple fleece
And the clumsy howling wolf
I am the fear in the devils eyes
To all the creepy kids
I am the laughter through the cries
And the burned, frayed and rotten bits
I am the one who will not die
Or hide between the lies
I am the flies
And the suns blackened rays
:iconepicaracacy:Epicaracacy 6 8


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If you press hard enough
You can bite your own tongue off,
And I scratch my face with my nails every week.
You're a danger to yourself
You naive little girl
So what made you think that boy
Who could fit both your hands
In one of his
With the other wrapped around your neck
Would be the one to save you?
accidently scratch my face of course.*

i post here once in a blue moon to let you all know i'm still alive. 
Cities burn between your ribcage;
Maybe that's why you smelt of ashes 
And why when you spoke
Your words were filled with loss. 

I don't know you
But you feel like home to me. -for the boy in my nightmares

I lost my words the day i lost my father;
I remind people of him when i smile. 


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